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Rockin’ Barack at the Jayhawk Kansas Caucus

February 5, 2008 at 10:43 pm by thetheorist

Kansas For Obama
I still don’t know who I support the most, but no doubt Kansas Dems love Barack.

Lord, that’s an obnoxious headline. Someone stop me. The alternate headline for this was, “Slinging mud in Kansas politics.” Weather forecast: wet, white and disgusting. Quite a few people had problems getting out of the fairgrounds after the caucus.

Anyway, so I did go out and caucus tonight. After twelve years of being a proud independent, I registered as a Democrat just to see how a caucus worked. Quite shocking that 2,218 souls from my district braved disgusting weather to go out and support their candidates. My district heavily favored Barack. Make sure to check out the full results for Lawrence and Kansas.

Not a lot of mutual love between the Hillary and Barack camps. Technically Kucinich and Edwards were still on the ticket here. When their representatives gave speeches, pretty much everyone cheered and clapped, same with Barack’s rep. When it came time for Hillary’s rep though, the only sounds of support came from her camp (mostly grumbles uttered under breath around me while her rep spoke).

I’m glad I went out, though at the end of it I feel more like I attended a social event rather than took part in some historic process. Maybe that’s good though. Normally, I hurry about my daily routine and sandwich voting in between other responsibilities. This was a relaxed, thoughtful process that engaged and connected people. I ran into some people I knew (oddly all former or current journalists), talked with some random strangers and had a little mini-adventure. Regardless of who I end up voting for, I’m definitely pro-caucus now.

The line of cars I followed to escape the Douglas County Fairgrounds got lost, meandered through some trees and eventually exited through some driveway. I think it was the maintenance shed, I really hope we didn’t end up wandering through some poor sap’s yard.

I’ve got the next piece of analysis on eBay’s changes done, but it’s pretty boring. Going to try to liven it up some and get it up tomorrow.

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  • 1 AtTheBat Feb 5, 2008 at 11:49 pm

    Hmm, a new event, SuperTuesday Supercross across Fairgrounds of Fury? A Demo Derby for the Democrats?

  • 2 Kate W. Feb 6, 2008 at 4:45 pm

    I registered as a Dem this year just so I could vote for Obama. But I’m in MO. Sigh. I guess I can’t Caucus at the Fairgrounds.