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Entries from May 2009

Houston, we have a bathroom

May 12th, 2009 3 Comments

One last reminder about what the old bathroom looked like. Click for larger image. and the complete unit. Sexy. Click for larger image. We finally have our first room that is capable of fulfilling its destiny. The main bath now includes a bathtub, vanity with sink, toilet and hot and cold water. Yah! I’ve been […]

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May 7th, 2009 No Comments

This ain’t your Scott City High Beaver. I’ve been stalking this little guy for the last month trying to get a picture, finally got lucky yesterday. He either lives, or routinely scavenges, in the ravine right behind our house. I got this shot from the window of the littletheorist’s bedroom. Needless to say, she’s thrilled […]

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Ohdeargod, I’m on FIRE

May 5th, 2009 No Comments

Everybody put your hands in the air and wave them around like you’re not on fire! The warning labels on my new water heater just cracked me up. Whoever has to make these must just love their job. More to come on the new water heater later, that post will just take longer to put […]

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