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Something odd in the new changes

February 3, 2008 at 3:48 pm by thetheorist

I was just working on the next bit of analysis of eBay’s changes and ran across something odd. Under the banner of “Safer Payments,” PayPal may begin holding payments for some items until one of several criteria are met. I’ll deal with this in-depth in another post, but I want to highlight one of the criteria here. Payments may be held until “3 days after confirmed item delivery*” (note the asterisk).

*This applies to US domestic transactions that are shipped by USPS or FedEx and either (i) use PayPal shipping labels to ship items or (ii) upload tracking information to PayPal via the transaction details page. (Bold font added for emphasis -ed)

Why are USPS and FedEx specifically named, but no other companies are (especially UPS)? UPS labels can be printed through PayPal, but FedEx labels can’t. Is this a typo, an omission or something else? I’m submitting a media request to eBay (my first!), so we’ll see if we can get clarification on this.

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