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Completed my first Scratch program

February 8, 2008 at 7:46 pm by thetheorist

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I mentioned Scratch earlier today. Here’s my first project: a simple eBay Final Value Fee calculator. You can use your keyboard’s number pad or the calculator to enter a sale price of an eBay item. Choose a Final Value Fee option and see the current FVF for an item versus the new FVF starting on Feb. 20. Hit the C key on the calculator to reset the sale price.

Everyone should go download Scratch and play with it. I had a ton of fun building this. You can download thousands of user-made Scratch programs from the site to see how they were built or use one as a frame for your own work, so it’s pretty easy to get going. I used a simple calculator program to build this one.

There is one glitch in it. On my computer, the fee automatically rounds to the nearest hundredth, but once it was hosted on Scratch’s site, it just keeps going. I would assume the client everyone downloads is slightly different from what runs on their servers, but that’s just a guess.

I really want to make something else now, too much fun.

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