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Bidding on candidates: eBay employees presidential contributions

February 15, 2008 at 7:28 pm by thetheorist

Money, money, money

The Huffington Post’s FundRace 2008 tool taps into the public records of campaign finance to let anyone find out who contributes to presidential candidates. You can search by name, location, occupation or employer. A company as large as eBay is bound to have employees with a variety of political opinions, so I wouldn’t take the following numbers as any kind of indication about eBay as a business, but it’s still some fascinating data. Of course, I can waste hours with a tool like this.

Just a couple of other notes before we get to the numbers. All of the information in this database is self-reported, so it can take a little work to track down a list like this. As an example, the searches [ebay], [eBay, Inc.] and [eBay Inc] all created different lists of donors because of how people list their employer. I tried a variety of search terms, but this still may not be a complete list.

Summary of total contributions to Democrats:

  • Barack Obama – $17,705
  • Hillary Clinton – $12,100
  • John Edwards – $2,100
  • Bill Richardson – $250
  • Total: $32,155

Summary of total contributions to Republicans:

  • Mitt Romney – $13,730
  • John McCain – $535
  • Total: $14,265

Below, you’ll find a list of individual contributions. They are ranked based on amount given. The persons job title follows their name and is what was listed in the public record.

Barack Obama

    Rajiv Dutta, CFO, $3,000
    Jay Monahan, Attorney, $2,335
    John Donahoe, President, $2,320
    Charmaine Conui, Lead Designer, $2,300
    Eskander Kazim, Executive, $2,300
    Robert Chesnut, VP, $2,300
    Dana Stalder, Executive, $2,300
    Corey Watts, Finance Manager, $600
    Amjad Hanif, Engineer, $250
    Total: $17,705

Hillary Clinton

    Kelly Lorson, Sn. Director Hr, $2,300
    Eric Salvatierra, Finance, $2,300
    Michael Jacobson, Executive, $1,500
    Nancy Dickenson, Product Design, $1,000
    Kevin Mcspadden, Marketing, $1,000
    Dan Dougherty, Attorney, $1,000
    Robert Mcbryde, Attorney, $750
    Camille Busette, Gov’t Relations, $500
    Michael Bringuel, Hr Director, $500
    Allison Willoughby, Attorney, $500
    Allyson Willoughby, Attorney, $250
    Dustin Brighton, Sr. Mgr., $250
    Greg Bettinelli, Marketing, $250
    Total: $12, 100

John Edwards

    Christopher Delaporte, Program Manager, $1,000
    Kenneth Pate, Director Product Management, $300
    Robert Ashforth, Software Engineer, $300
    John Canfield, Manager, $250
    Doug Meador, Senior Manager, $250
    Total: $2,100

Bill Richardson

    Dave Cullinane, Chief Information Security Office, $250
    Total: $250

Mitt Romney

    Margaret Whitman, Business Executive, $2,300
    Michael Jacobson, Executive, $2,300
    Eskander Kazim, Executive, $2,300
    Henry Gomez, President, $2,100
    Richard Cook, Finance,$1,200
    Brian Crapo, Marketing, $500
    Heidi Holter, Lawyer, $500
    Kelly Lorson, Human Resources, $500
    Erin Earle, Human Resources Manager, $500
    Jay Johnson, Director Global Corp, $500
    Todd Miner, Director, $500
    Rajitha Uppugunduri, Finance, $300
    Dale Hansen, CS, $230
    Total: $13,730

John McCain

    John Whelan, Manager, $535
    Total: $535

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  • 1 Allen Feb 21, 2008 at 4:46 pm

    Well, eBay certainly is Liberal and Left leaning in it’s contributions. With their stock plumetting recently and now seeing this and reading about all the upcoming changes looks like a good time to dump eBay and head to other online auction sites.