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eBay boycott continues, day 3

February 20, 2008 at 8:31 pm by thetheorist

Boycott stats
More stats from PowerSellers Unite.

The fee changes officially went live today and auction traffic is down again from yesterday. Statistics are again from PowerSellers Unite. You can visit them to see the current volume versus the same time on the previous day at their site anytime.

Today saw an even larger drop, almost 650,000 listings, or a 4.59 percent decline from yesterday. Of course, a week ago, eBay had a 20 cent listing day. A chunk of that drop could be caused by a number of auctions ending today that people only listed because of the fee sale. I usually throw up a few odds and ends on cheap list fee days to see if they will sell. If they don’t sell, they usually won’t be relisted. Still, I’m not sure that would account for this big of a drop. Total listings are down by almost one million since Monday evening. Also, the stats haven’t updated for a couple of hours (normally updates every hour). I’ll check again later this evening and see if they have updated.

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