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Quitting, Day Four

April 21, 2008 at 5:36 pm by thetheorist

Okay, so today has by far been the worst, though also the most successful for quitting smoking. By the end of our workday, I’ve had three cigarettes. I also haven’t been able to focus on anything for longer than ten minutes. I’m not cranky or jittery, I just can’t concentrate.

This was a somewhat out of the blue decision to try and quit again. I like to sneak up on my addictions and subdue them when they aren’t expecting it…a kind of addiction ninja. Well, and I tend to be pretty spontaneous about making decisions anyway. What got me seriously thinking about quitting again though was a post over at DS Fanboy (a gaming blog focused on Nintendo’s portable gaming system). One of their readers, Dan, quit smoking using the game Pokemon. Whenever he got the urge to smoke, he’d just start up his DS and play some Pokemon for a bit. And all those news shows say that video games are bad. I’m not using Dan’s plan exactly, but I did spend a lot of time gaming over the weekend. It keeps my hands and mind busy. Dan hunted little adorable monsters, and I’ve been hunting a little bigger game: Dracula!

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